VW 1.9L Diesel (non turbo) – Engine Code ADG / 1Y

1.9L Diesel Volkswagen industrial engines with engine code ADG (or 1Y) can be found in many applications; the most common of which is forklifts. However this engine can also be found in generators, welders, waterpumps and other agricultural and industrial equipment.  There are MANY versions of VW 1.9 diesel industrial engines, and it is very tough to figure out what engine you have but the secret is really the eninge code.  If you are not sure what your engine code is, call us and we will help you figure it out.  Although they are not all listed on our website, we also have cylinder heads, pistons, gaskets, and injectors and most other engine parts for these ADG / 1Y VW industrial engines; and we have these parts in stock and ready to ship.  Call us and we can ship out what you need today.  
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