Our Story

We are a third-generation family owned business that’s been in operation for over 45 years. When we started in 1978, we focused on selling parts and engines for the old VW's.  Over the years our expertise morphed to include all industrial VW applications.  We are true VW experts, and know more about VW diesel engines than anyone else.   

While we are not experts in all models and all aspects of forklifts, we do know everything there is to know about the VW engine in your forklift. 

And we understand you can't wait months to get your equipment back in operation.  That is why we have VW Industrial engines on the floor and READY TO SHIP!  No need to wait 8 weeks for the dealer, or send your engine in to a shop to be rebuilt.  We can ship you an engine in days. 

All of our engines are rebuilt to factory specs, and we stand behind our work. All engines and industrial parts come with an unlimited hours, 6 month warranty.  Extended warranties are available for purchase. 

VW engines can be found in Linde forklifts, Princeton PiggyBacks, Moffett forklifts, Zambonis, Melroe Spra-Coupes, log splitters, berry pickers, generators, portable saw mills, welders, water pumps, and other agricultural and industrial equipment. 

Not sure exactly what engine you have, but know it is a Volkswagen?  No problem.  Call us.  We can help you figure out exactly what you have and need. 

We've have just launched this web site dedicated to our industrial customers.  You can find our best selling products here, but we have hundreds of additional industrial parts in stock; so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us!


Now & Then Pictures

Maggie, JP, and Recycled Jack circa 1978 placing Irish turf under the first Parts Place building. It is an Irish tradition to put a piece of turf from Ireland under your new house for good luck. Since we’ve been around for 40+ years I guess it worked!

Maggie, JP and Recycled Jack circa 2009 in one of our small parts isles.