VW 1.6L Diesel - Engine Codes 1.6D / 1.6TD

1.6L Diesel Volkswagen engines can be found in many commercial applications including log splitters, portable sawmill saws, generators, welders, waterpumps and other agricultural and industrial equipment.  There are MANY versions of VW 1.6 diesel engines including 1.6D and 1.6TD mechanical; 1.6D and 1.6TD hydraulic;  and in addition the head bolt on the mechanical 1.6D can be 11mm or 12mm. We are VW experts and can help you figure out EXACTLY what you need. We have been specializing in VW 1.6D engines for 40 years, and although not listed here, we pretty much have EVERYTHING you could need for a VW 1.6D industrial engine. Call us at 586-757-2300 or check out our consumer website at PartsPlaceInc.com. 
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