Refundable Core Charges

What is a Core and a Core Charge? 

Cores are the used parts that may be returned for credit when purchasing rebuildable parts. New, used, and remanufactured products may have a core charge. We send cores to our rebuilders to create a remanufactured part. Having a core charge on most rebuildable parts helps us keep our prices low, is a great way to recycle, and ensures there is product available for the next customer. If a core deposit is shown, this charge will be added to your total at the time of sale but is refundable upon the return of your rebuildable original part. Cores are valuable to us; we need them back on a timely basis to be rebuilt so we have product to sell to the next customers. 

Core Return Policy

  • Cores must be drained of all fluid or the core credit will not be refunded.
  • Cores must be returned within 30 days to receive core credit. 
  • All cores must be the exact equal of the part purchased.
  • Cores must be complete, assembled, unmodified, and in rebuildable condition to receive full credit. All cores need to be inspected by our rebuilder to confirm that they are rebuildable before a core refund will be issued. For large items such as engines, injection pumps, and cylinder heads, this process typically takes two to three weeks.
  • Once accepted for return, cores returned to Parts Place are placed into our core inventory for rebuilding and become generic. A specific core cannot be returned to a customer for any reason.  
  • Core return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and are not refundable.

Core Return Process

  • If within 30 days, and your core is the EXACT same as the product you ordered, you do not need to contact us before sending in your core.
  • If you are outside the 30 day window, or your core is not identical to what you purchased, please call us before returning your core. 
  • If you need to return an engine core, call us and we are happy to help arrange return freight at our discounted rates.  You will be responsible for these return charges. 
  • Include a copy of your invoice and return to: 
            Parts Place, Inc.
            ATTN: Returns
            5510 E 10 Mile Rd
            Warren, MI 48091
  • Please see Core Return Policy above for additional details. 
  • Remember - Cores must be drained of all fluid or the core credit will not be refunded.  If your core leaks in transit, it is likely the carrier (UPS, USPS, etc) will confiscate the item and you will not get it back, we will not get it, and you will not be eligible for the core refund.