Cylinder Head: 1.6D Mechanical 12mm - New


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Refundable Core Charge

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A core charge is a little like a bottle deposit. You pay a core charge when you buy a rebuildable product, and get your money back when you return the core.

Cores are the used parts that may be returned when purchasing rebuildable parts. New, used, and remanufactured products may have a core charge. We send cores to our rebuilders to create a remanufactured part. Having a core charge on most rebuildable parts helps us keep our prices low, is a great way to recycle, and ensures there is product available for the next customer. If a core deposit is shown, this charge will be added to your total at the time of sale but is refundable upon the return of your rebuildable original part. Cores are valuable to us; we need them back on a timely basis to be rebuilt so we have product to sell to the next customers. (See core return policy under warranties and return for more info)

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part number: 12111

VW 1.6L Mechanical Diesel Industrial Engine Cylinder Head. The early VW diesel engines are notorious for being efficient. This has led to them being used in all sorts of applications like forklifts, log splitters, generators, water pumps, sprayers, and more. If you find your workhorse down, get it running again with a new complete diesel cylinder head with cam valves and springs, completely assembled, adjusted, and ready for installation. These are high-quality AMC heads, and we use them in all of our engine builds. Not sure what you have? Call us with your engine code and we can confirm exactly what you need.


Industrial applications that use a 12 mm Mechanical VW Industrial 1.6L D Engine. Call and we will help you figure out what you need!


All industrial products carry a 6 month (unlimited hours) warranty. See our warranty page for details.