Engine Rebuild Kit: For Engine Codes BEU, BJC

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part number: ce589850-95fc-4558-80d9-d859161a7b74

Condition: New

Engine Rebuild Kit For VW Industrial 1.9L TDI Engine Codes BEU BJC. All the items included in this kit can be found listed above. 

This kit includes STANDARD size rod and main bearings and a 3 notch head gasket.  If you need an alternate size head gasket or bearings; we do have them available, call us and we can switch them out for you. 

If you don't need all the items included in the kit, you can delete the items you don't need from your cart, but you will lose the kit discount.  

This engine rebuild kit does NOT include the cylinder head, but does include the head gasket, head bolts, etc.  If you need a new or rebuilt head also the appropriate head is listed below. 

(Disclaimer - The exploded engine picture featured on this product page  is for illustrative purposes ONLY, and does not represent all the items actually in the kit.  We use this same picture for ALL our engine kits because we cannot fit all them items in our kits in one picture. There will be items in the kit that are not in the exploded view, and there will be items in the picture that are NOT in the kit.  Check the list above to confirm exactly what is included in the kit.)  


VW Industrial 1.9L TDI Engines with Engine Codes BEU, BXT, BJC, BEQ


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